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Bulk Quote for Multiple Couriers


We understand that businesses have different needs. Some businesses send packages one at a time, sending out orders as they get them. But other businesses, like businesses that send monthly samples, may need to make bulk shipping orders. Bulk shipping orders can end up costing a lot of cash, but we work hard to make sure that you are getting the best deals for your budget!

We know that high volume shippers want to give their customers the best discounts for what they’re paying for. That can be difficult, because shipping can really throw off the cost of an item. Bulk quotes & shipping can help to reduce the costs that you’re paying for shipping; you can pass on those savings to your customers and everyone profits when you decide to use bulk shipping services.

That’s why we offer our bulk freight quote calculator. The bulk quote freight calculator, with a few bits of input from you, the company, can help you to compare courier quotes amongst Australia’s leading national and global courier companies.  We don’t just give you Fed-Ex and UPS quotes either; we can gives you quotes for everything, including door to door, interstate, and international deliveries.

The bulk freight quote calculator can also give you quotes on parcel, pallet, or freight services. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll need an entire vehicle or just a pallet of the same boxes, you can compare between all of the prices by using this Bulk Quotes tool.

As you can see, the bulk quotes calculator is very versatile and it can help you to figure out almost any shipping cost that you are looking for. Here are the step by step details of how our bulk quotes calculator works. If the program seems to be giving you a problem, please contact us for assistance.

–          Enter one single entry of what you’re shipping and how much (approximately) it weighs. Make sure that you’re accurate with this, because it can help us to determine some important factors when it comes to shipping your item.

–          Enter the number of boxes that you’re going to be sending; e.g. 20 of the same size boxes. There are also options for you to put different entries of multiple sized items.

–          Hit “Calculate” and fetch your bulk quotes faster and easier than before! No need to wait for us to message you back, we’ll give you the quote right here, right now!

So get started with our bulk quote shipping calculator today! Whether you’re sending small samples or large boxes of goods, we can help you get all of your products going for a fair price, which will be great for both you and your customers.

Cheap Courier Comparison can help you with all of your shipping and packaging comparisons and questions. We’re your one stop shipping price comparison shop! If you have any questions, you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can contact us at 1300 748 510 or info@baggagefreight.com.au . We can’t wait to hear from you.