Domestic Couriers



Domestic Couriers

Access the simplest and fast shipping solution online with a few clicks you will compare shipping quotes from Australia’s best courier companies that will deliver goods door to door nationwide.  Our Shipping Comparison Tool is the most effective and convenient way to send freight particularly for busy people. Here are some of the domestic services that we compare with this site.

UPS Express: If you are looking for absolute reliability and speed, then you will want to check out the shipping options that you can get through using our Cheap Courier Comparison Shipping Calculator. You can access Australia’s best Domestic Couriers all in one place right on our website.

Australian Air Express: We compare prices for a number of different Australian Air Express domestic services. Here are the three main services.

–          Off Peak Air Services: If you are sending an item that is not time sensitive, you can use this budget friendly option and send your packages out on the next flight that has space. 

–          Next Flight Air Services: If you’re in a hurry and you would like to get your items there in a more prompt manner, then you will want to take a look at Australian Air Express’s Next Flight Services. Next Flight Services usually arrive within 24 to 48 hours of sending.

–          Overnight Air Services: If you really need to send an item overnight, whether it’s across the state or across the country, Australian Air Express can take care of that for you as well. This is only accepted in a handful of areas; check out their website and our comparison tool for more details.

CouriersPlease: CouriersPlease offers a number of different services; they are based on the size of the item that is being shipped. Here are all of the options that we compare in our tool.

–          1 KG. As long as the box is less than 1KG, you can choose this option.

–          3 KG. As long as the box is less than 3KG, you can choose this option.

–          5 KG. As long as the box is less than 5KG, you can choose this option.

–          10 KG. As long as the box is less than 10KG, you can choose this option.

–          Parcel Express. Express services for any size package.


TNT Shipping Services: TNT Shipping Services are available nationwide and internationally (which we explore more in the international section). Here are the main services we explore.

–          Overnight based on time. TNT has a number of different services available as overnight services. You can schedule it to arrive at 9am, 10 am, or noon; you can also send it “overnight first class,” which allows you to save some cash on items that are not as time sensitive, but it will still get there early the next day.

–          Road Express. Road Express is a general shipping with estimated shipping dates. Best for non-time sensitive items.

Same Day Local and Nationwide. For those items that must be somewhere today, no matter where it may be, you can try either one of these (which you use depends on where the item is going).