Dotnetnuke Courier Plug-In: A Look at this Powerful Freight Module

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There is no question about it –Dotnetnuke is the most popular .net content management module in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of people who currently use it on their website who couldn’t be any happier with what it does for them. On top of those people who are enjoying the module every day, there are also thousands of men and women who work in the development of the module.

Trusted Shipping Plug-In

Cheap Courier Comparison has a shipping plugin compatible for Dotnetnuke which has been around since 2006, and that is another reason that it is so popular. It isn’t one of the new, fly by night eCommerce platforms. It is one that has been proven to work and so far it is keeping plenty of people happy.

There are a couple of different versions of this model. There is a free open source module thereby supported by thousands of web developers. Many people choose to use this, although it does have a slight impact in the functionality of all of the tools on the site. There is also a paid version available. Although the paid version is a bit on the expensive side, it is available with all of the extras that the free version does not, and plenty that you will want to enjoy as well. This includes free telephone support and other incentives. However, most people simply choose the free version. It is the more popular of the two options and people do not mind it since there is usually a great deal of forums and consumer support to go along with it.

Benefits of the Plug-In for you

With our plug-in added to the mix of things your experience with this module becomes even better and you can get much more than what you have expected. There are actually several things that our plug-in can do for you, and they are all things that you will love!

–          With this plug-in it is possible to get more profits since customers are less likely to leave an uncompleted cart open.

–          There’s plenty of time that can be saved with this plug-in. You do not have to look up any freight shipping charges again. Therefore selling more online becomes easy

–          Express delivery

– Cheap insurance options for sending domestically or internationally

–          Handles large orders with ease

These are just some of the many benefits that come to those who have this very special plug-in. and., there’s still more for you to love, too: The information is presented in real-time so you area always certain o have the latest and the greatest information. You can help your customers get the freight they want and the prices they need. and the customer will appreciate this.

Why Wait Any Longer for easy Shipping Options?

If you do not already have this very simple to use shipping plug-in what are you waiting for? Improving business isn’t going to happen if you are not pushing to make that happen and taking the right steps. This is a shipping plug-in that helps you sell more on checkout because your customers have real time information and know end to end costs while they are visiting your store.