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Top Method of Boosting Sales

Drupal can help you add a shipping rate calculator to your ecommerce store and boost your sales. Any business owner will be delighted to hear this information, and this is the storefront that can do it. Drupal is very popular. In fact, it is among the top three of all storefront module management systems. There are a number of shopping cart systems that can be used with Drupal, including open Cart and others. However, it is UberCart that most people use in conjunction with Drupal. UberCart is a feature-filled module/developer base that has longevity on the market as well as the satisfaction of many different features that are important.

If you want to makeUbercart 3.x. even more powerful we have the solution. That solution is out freight comparison tool. It is based for Australian freight and can easily be added to your UberCart store in minutes of time. When it is on your site customers can quickly and easily learn what prices are offered from various freight carriers.

There are actually numerous benefits that come to both the customers as well as the business with the help of this special plug-in. one of the biggest and best of those benefits is the increase in profit and sales percentages. Since customers are able to learn upfront the amount they are going to be spending they can easily proceed through the ordering process. All of the questions the customer has are answered and they feel complete. You can avoid shopping carts that are just left because the customer could not find the answers they wanted or other reasons.

This easy to use Drupal freight comparison plugin does more than other plug ins. It certainly instantly adds value to any business owner and that is far more than what a single freight provider could provide.   This includes the Australia Post! The Australia Post, for example, cannot deliver large packages. Anything over 20 kg and you’re out of luck. If that were not enough there are also other limits in place regarding the length, weight and more. With Australia Post it is impossible to get shipping rates from these items so it is very inconvenient. But that is no longer a worry when this is the plug-in that is added to the mix of things.

Because we offer national carriers and a larger base of them customers can take great satisfaction in knowing they can get their items shipped with ease. These type of companies have higher success rates with their deliveries and they are even insured so there is no worry of loss. This is the information that your customers want and need to feel secure and confident about their shipment.

The plug-in can be used with Drupal 7 and better. And, there’s tons of perks that you can also benefit from, including tech support and an awesome freight tracking system. When you have Drupal you can really put things into a greater perspective with this plug-in.