International Shipping


International Shipping Couriers

You can access the best international shipping rates right here on our freight calculator at the top of this page. We partner with the worlds top international freight companies offering door to door services at the most competitive rates.

A lot of trade today is done overseas, and for those individuals that own businesses – it’s important to find and establish a trusted courier who you can rely on. International shipping is a key component of anyone who ships in the modern age, so being aware of how to find the best deals and practices is absolutely crucial.

The Couriers that offer international shipping from Australia

Standard international couriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx are all commonly used shipping methods to reach international locations. However, more unknown (and definitely a little more cost effective) methods of shipping items from Australia to international locations include: TNT, Qantas, By using a comparison calculator to find the difference in pricing between these couriers, you’ll be able to save yourself time and money.

Standard Costs of International Shipping

The standard cost of international shipping varies on the size of the package. Anywhere from $20-400 is average, ranging from a small-sized parcel to a larger one. Weight, height, width and time of arrival are all important factors to consider when choosing to ship your item.

A Comparison Calculator can help you Determine Your International Shipping Courier

Not only will a comparison calculator help you save time and money, but it can also locate the courier that is closest and most convenient to you. By weighing on some key factors that you may not have considered if you went through the process on your own, this free application will allow you to assess each individual courier side by side in an easy to read format.

Things to Keep in Mind when Shipping Internationally

Always remember that no matter what courier you use, there is the chance that your shipment could be damaged. Even though it is a moderately expensive service that you paid a little more to have that piece of mind, the possibility is always there and accidents can happen. Just because it’s the cheapest, doesn’t always mean it’s the best. Remember to read customer reviews of couriers before you decide to trust your parcels with them; oftentimes it’s the customers who have the most to say about the service they received. More weight, pay a higher price per kilo, more volume also increases the price per chargeable kilo. Be sure to check which items are restricted or prohibited when sending to another international destination. Check with customs in the country where you are delivery goods to. Each country have their own set of rules and restrictions. Read our prohibited and restricted items page for more information. Always ask for a tracking number. If your courier doesn’t offer that service, go to another one. Seriously. If your package becomes lost or stolen in the mail without a tracking number telling you the last location it was in, it is gone forever. There is really no getting it back. A door to door delivery service should always come with a tracking number so make sure you have a tracking number prior to sending internationally. And finally, remember to insure your shipment for loss or damage– that way if the parcel does become lost or damaged during transit, you are eligible to make a claim for a refund on the amount the goods were worth or to the value of the repair cost with little hassle and fuss.