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Compare & save on shipping across multiple couriers
Domestic and International Shipping
Shipping options on checkout
Instant shipping labels
Real time tracking information
Email tracking notification sent to purchaser
No need for accounts with carriers
No hidden costs
Save using our bulk pre-negotiated freight rates

If your online store uses the Magento ecommerce platform, then you may want to have accurate shipping information available to your customers. However, if they are just using the shipping information platform provided by Magento, they may not get as accurate a quote on their freight services as they would like to have. This can change by using our shipping extension. We have relationships and connections with Allied Express, TNT, AAE, Toll Ipec, Hunter Express, Fedex and UPS. You will need to add freight to your online store, using our reliable shipping partners connected through our shipping extension, in order to provide your buyers with real time accurate shipping integration options.

Integrated Shipping Options

By using our integrated shipping options, you will not have to search for the best shipping rates on the basis of individual orders. You will be able to offer your customers the experience of choosing which shipping option they would like to have, and they will be able to receive accurate shipping rate quotes, so that they can select the best option for their time and budget. The entire situation is streamlined, and it will not involve your staff having to go through each shipping order and determine which rate would be best for your customer. The process is now fully automated, and your customers are able to choose the option which best suits their needs.

We have developed a unique shipping solution for online businesses which use Magento shopping cart. We provide you with fast, reliable shipping rates, and all you have to do is use our shipping solution integrated into your Magento ecommerce platform. It is quick, easy, and fast for your customers, and it takes away the need to have your staff go through paperwork, data, and to keep up with current shipping rates. Let the individual couriers keep up with their own rates and give your customers information which they can actually use right away.

Now, we know that Magento does offer shipping options, but these are not appropriate if you wish to ship using Australian Courier Companies, like the TNT, AAE, and all of the rest of the couriers mentioned above. If you are looking to integrate this freight shipping, then you will need that option added to your Magento platform, and Baggage Freight has developed a shipping rate solution which you can add to Magento. That way, your customers have freight shipping, if they need it, and the rates will be easily available to them.

Shipping Experience for Magento Cart

We aim to make your shipping experience and that of your customers’ an easy and fast one. Without our shipping solutions, your customers’ freight shipping options would be awkward, clumsy, and time consuming, not to mention a drain on their time and on yours. Therefore, integrate our shipping solutions into your Magento ecommerce platform and get started helping your customers have more options, better shipping rates, and more accurate quotes in real time. If you have any questions about increasing your online store sales with our freight shipping application, please feel free to give us a call today: 1300 748 510.