Shipping Plugin for Netstarter

If you have a Netstarter MMS storefront, then you probably already have some sort of shipping application in place. However, if you are looking to provide shipping rates on local Australian couriers, like AAE, Hunter Express, Allied Express, not to even mention TNT, TOLL, FedEx, and UPS, then you will need a streamlined shipping rate application which gives your customers the information they need to make reliable business purchases.

Freight Module for Shopping Cart

Did you know that some stores have bonuses, discounts, or some other form of savings or price reduction with certain couriers? If your company has that type of relationship with a local Australian courier, then you probably wish to only use that service. What if you are looking to reduce prices on your shipping and need an instant shipping rate quote? What if your business is simply looking to see what your options are? Your customers should have these options, and Baggage Freight provides a unique shipping application tool for your Netstarter MMS site. You will be able to provide your customers with a variety of shipping options, which in turn will generate sales from them and money for you. That’s a pretty good tool to have around on your website.

Cheap Courier Comparison helps you to integrate our shipping rate application into your website as it currently is. This will streamline the process, and make it simpler for you and all of your employees to get your customers their purchases by whatever freight method they chose. By installing our shipping application, you will not have to have separate data sheets for each different courier. With our tool, you and your staff will be able to streamline the process of processing your customers’ orders. If time is money, then we are here to make your time worth a whole lot more.

Also, by having a convenient shipping rate tool for major and minor Australian couriers, you are increasing your chance of future sales. Your customers will feel comfortable choosing the shipping rate which they can afford or choosing the courier company with which they are familiar. It is a simple matter of providing options to your customers which are real and make a real difference to their orders and to the revenue of your business. How many times have one of your customers complained that you don’t provide easily accessible shipping rate information for an order they would like to place? Chances are, if they complained once, they did not return to your business, and if chose to not bother complaining, it was because they went with another online store. Don’t let either of those scenarios take place in your own company.

Cheap Courier Comparison brings our high quality shipping rate tool to your online store. Simply use our Netstarter MMS plug-in to get extra sales and for customers to have the option of placing larger orders, if they so choose. This is the way to increase the “commerce” part of your ecommerce website. If you need help with the plug-in or have questions about using our tool, give us a call today: 1300 748 510.