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Does your online business have an osCommerce shopping cart platform? If so, then you might want to include the advanced shopping cart shipping rate tool provided by Baggage Freight. We know that your business has an online presence, and your business shopping cart online is part of a widespread, even global, business. We know that not everyone orders from you but that those who do should have as many options and be able to give their customers real help, as much as possible. Where will the shipping rates be available? The answer is during the buying process.

Using an osCommerce shopping cart for your online business does not mean that you have to now use an entirely different type of site or a completely different shopping cart platform just to use the courier comparison shipping extension. As well as providing local Australian courier freight shipping using AAE, TNT, and Hunter Express, we also provide international shipping rates with UPS, FedEx, and TOLL. The more options your customers have for what type and what price of shipping service they receive, the more likely they are to return to your online company and make additional purchases with you. This is a matter of sales and popularity. If you have the most options for customers, then your business is more likely to bring in more sales than your competitors.

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Now that you understand how good our shipping module would be for your business, consider how good it would be for your staff to implement. Rather than having to actually keep up with shipping rates and different orders placed with different couriers, our shipping tool saves your staff a great deal of time. At Baggage Freight, we intend on giving you as much time as possible, as efficiently as possible.

Your next question may be, can I afford this tool? With Baggage Freight, you cannot afford to NOT have it. We know that your company’s reputation is partially based upon how easy it is for your customers to order from you. By providing them with shipping rates through a wide variety of courier companies using our tool, you are giving them the opportunity to keep coming back to your business for more. It is a way to establish a relationship of solidarity and dependability with your clients or customers. We want you to have everything you need for that.

OsCommerce shopping cart platforms are easily integrated with our shipping rate tool. By providing so many freight shipping options, both locally and internationally, we aim to make your business a bit more popular, a bit more reliable looking, and a bit easier to run behind the scenes or when dealing directly with one of your customers. If you are interested in integrated freight to your online store, remember that Cheap Courier Comparison is more than happy to walk you through the process and to help you with any questions you may have about our shipping module. Please feel free to call us at any time: 1300 748 510.