The Most Important things to know about Cheap Courier Comparison’s Shipping Policy

Cheap Courier Comparison is among the leading freight comparison websites in Australia and it can be of help both for individuals desiring to ship personal goods and for small businesses that are present online and that need the best shipping options in order to save time and money. Before proceeding to book you must understand and read our shipping policy.

Basically, what Cheap Courier Comparison can provide you with covers almost any kind of shipping need you may have: national shipping and international shipping, EBay and ecommerce websites shipping modules to help you and your customers get the best option when it comes to shipping, as well as a calculator available for individuals who need to ship something (such as extra-luggage, for example).

Cheap Courier Comparison works with the best and largest freight service providers both at a national level and at international levels. Names of the services we work with include FedEx, TNT, Toll, UPS and AAE (but these are not the only shipping companies we have collaborations with). Do bear in mind the fact that Baggage Freight does not provide shipping services on its own and that it will only intermediate between you as a sender and the shipping companies out there for the benefit of all the parts involved: you, the freight company and your customer or receiver.

It is highly important that before you use the services offered by Cheap Courier Comparison you first read the shipping policy & Terms and Conditions section. This will ensure you that you do not have to face any kind of unpleasant surprises along the way (including issues related to the collection, delivery and the contents of your parcels).

Furthermore, it is also of the highest importance that you consult with our list of services. Since we work with a lot of freight service providers, there will definitely be one type of service to be perfectly suitable for your current needs. It is absolutely essential that you get acquainted with all of the services we can help you with, so that you can select the best one for you.

There are some main ideas that you will definitely have to keep in mind for a successful collaboration. For instance, you should make sure that your parcels are properly packed (and that they include cushioning for small drops) and that they are properly labeled as well (we can provide you with the label as well). Furthermore, make sure that you know what to do if a driver fails to collect your parcels and that you know the fact that the driver has the right to refuse a parcel if it is not compliant with our terms and conditions. Also, make sure you understand that you understand the terms of the collection time and that you also understand exactly the transit time rules (so that you inform your receiver properly). Even more, you should always make sure that there may be surcharges for any variation in parcel weight or dimension and that the difference will be billed on the credit card you used for your original service purchase.