Baggage Freight presents our freight calculator for your Ubercart store platform. Many online store platforms are using freight calculators or freight shipping rate tools for their online businesses, but this is a tool specifically for use with the Ubercart platform! It’s easy to use and easy to order from. Here at Baggage Freight, we have relationships with all of the major local and international freight courier companies, like UPS, TOLL, FedEx, AAE, TNT, and Hunter Express. We know how important it is that your business start off right with as many shipping options available as you can give your customers.

The whole point of using freight shipping rate tools is that your customers need to be able to place the kinds of order with which they feel the most secure and happy. If your customer would like to buy in large amounts, buy at faster shipping rates for money, or buy at lower rates for more time, they should have all of the options they would like to have. There should be a full bodied customer experience when it comes to what your online store provides for them during the checkout process. Once they are buying your items, you will be able to process their order simply and efficiently, again thanks to our shipping module.

Ubercart is just one of the many online store platforms to which we cater, but Baggage Freight also knows how important it is to have a shipping rate tool which conforms seamlessly with the Ubercart platform. By providing these services, you will be able to increase traffic to your site and increase the number of orders placed in your online store. It should never be a matter of your customer not having enough options. Shipping options like the freight calculator tools we here at Baggage Freight provide are essential to the growth and development of your own business.

By providing freight shipping options, you are essentially telling the customer that he or she is first in line and first in priority. Simply by making the online ordering process catered to them and their potential needs, you are giving them a customer service experience which can be rivaled by few of your competitors. It is a matter of being simple, strong, easy to use, reliable, and effective. Our shipping module is very effective, and integrates perfectly into the Ubercart shopping platform. This is what your ecommerce site really needs.

In addition to providing a high quality customer service experience, you are lessening the weight of time and energy spent by your own employees in helping your customers get the best available shipping rates for their own needs. Rather than having to go back and forth with them about various shipping options, you are putting the decision quickly and easily into their own hands, thus taking some of the dead weight off of your own employees. It’s a win-win situation.

For more information about how to integrate our shipping module into your Ubercart store, or if you would like to make any comments to us, please call: 1300 748 510.