Australia’s Best Virtuemart Shipping Extension available to install today call 08 8244 1397 for instructions.

Compare multiple courier rates
Display best rate on checkout
Matches best service to every delivery combination
Real time shipping data
Instantly print shipping label
No accounts with carriers
No shipping volumes required
Best rates and higher sales conversions
Email tracking notifications to buyer
Automated shipping processes
Door to Door Service

The Virtuemart shopping cart that your online store uses is a great shopping cart platform. It is simple, easy to use, and great to check out purchases with. However, if you are looking to provide your customers with multiple, low shipping rates and the option of freight shipping, then you need the shipping integration tool provided by Baggage Freight.

Our shipping module works seamlessly with the Virtuemart platform, so you will be able to simply integrate it into your online store without very much hassle. Once there, it will allow yoru customers to choose multiple shipping rates from local freight couriers like AAE, TNT, Hunter Express and Allied Express, as well as international couriers like TOLL, UPS, and FedEx. That is a powerful tool to have available to you, and you can get it here on this page from Baggage Freight. Simply download the shipping module and follow the integration guidelines we also have linked to in the upper right hand corner of this page. That’s all you need to do, and your Virtuemart shopping care will be complete with freight shipping for all of your beloved customers. This is a great way to bring in sales. How so?

Well, for one, by providing multiple shipping options, you are opening up your business to customers who always want to make a deal or get the best possible option for the best possible price.

For another, you are giving them the option of freight shipping, which is a characteristic not inherently built into the Virtuemart shopping cart platform. Therefore, you are doing a great deal toward building up customer rapport with each and every single customer in your online store. If they feel good about the freight shipping rate calculator and the multiple low prices provided for their perusal, they will feel much better about your business as a whole.

As for your employees, they will not have to spend a great deal of time negotiating with your customers about which shipping rate would be best for them and what deal they should take. Your employees will not have to look at rate tables to find out what the current shipping rates are and then quote them back to your customers over the phone. This is tedious, time consuming, frustrating, and it shouldn’t be something which any of your customers should have to endure when they wish to place an order with your online store. Rather, it is better for them to be able to pick out their own choice of shipping rates according to the freight courier companies’ rates. That way, they not only feel in control of their purchasing experience, but they feel as if you are respecting their time and right to choose a good shipping deal.

Don’t spend loads of time helping each of your individual customers with their freight shipping options. Save both of you time and money by providing the shipping rate module specifically designed for integration with Virtuemart. Baggage Freight is here for you at any time, should you need help with integrating your new shipping tool: 1300 748 510.