Does your online store use a lot of shipping options? Do your customers have a freight shipping choices when they check out? If not, and your business used the Volusions ecommerce platform, you are in luck. Baggage Freight provides you with a high quality freight shipping rate tool which works seamlessly with the Volusions ecommerce platform. That is one of the best reasons for checking back with Baggage Freight. We are always providing businesses with freight shipping rate modules which fit the specific shopping platforms they use to run their business. Therefore, we encourage you to check us out and look at our Volusions shipping rate tool.

What is so great about a shipping module? Well, for one, it gives you a lot of options when your are purchasing something. Your customers will find this to be really convenient, especially if they have some sort of price agreement with local and international couriers. Baggage Freight works with both local and international courier companies, all of which include but are not limited to AAE, TNT, Allied Express, Hunter Express, TOLL, UPS and FedEx. Once your customers get a good look at all of the shipping options you provide for them, they will think even better of your business skills than they did before. It is a matter of personal pride when a company provides their customers with multiple, low-rate freight shipping options.

Now, you no longer have to negotiate with your customers as to the best shipping rate they can get. You no longer have to look at rate tables and spell everything out for them. It shouldn’t be a big deal. We live in the age of transportation and technology. Freight shipping rates should be able to be calculated and used right there in the buying process. That is why Baggage Freight has designed our powerful shipping module to work with your Volusions ecommerce site. We know how important it is that your business still be able to use the online store platform, such as Volusions, as it already uses. You should not have to make large changes in order to just add a freight shipping module! At Baggage Freight, we think these expectations are reasonable. Our shipping tool integrated seamlessly with your Volusions online store. We take great care to make sure that you and your customers are not bogged down with excess, and unnecessary, work.

Freight shipping rates should be low and your customers should be able to look at them and pick from among them during the purchasing process. If you wish to provide them with this ability, then make sure you go to Baggage Freight and download our powerful shipping tool. Of course, Volutions already has a shipping tool, but the truth is that freight shipping and multiple quotes from both local and international courier companies are not part of this process. In order to add this process, simply download the shipping module from Baggage Freight, follow the set up guidelines, and begin using your new, better online store: 1300 748 510.