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Easy to install
Compare shipping rates, book and save
Display cheapest courier rate on checkout
Compatible with most WordPress versions
Sell more on your website because buyer knows shipping costs
Real time shipping rate
Domestic & International Couriers
Volume discounted shipping rates
Instant shipping labels
Tracking data
Instant Email tracking notification sent to buyer
Simple to use interface

If you have a WordPress, Woocommerce site, then you probably find it difficult to have as many limited shipping options as are typically available in those shopping carts. If you would like to provide a variety of local and international courier and freight rates to your Australian customers or to the world as a whole, then remember to get the unique and powerful shipping module available from Cheap Courier Comparison. Our shipping module is designed specifically for WordPress, Woocommerce shopping carts, and it integrates seamlessly into the shopping cart of your site. If you would like to learn more, then just keep reading.

Freight and courier shipping options

Freight and courier shipping options open up low prices and competitive shipping deals to your customers. Do you often have customers who come to your online store but don’t complete the purchasing process? This may be because they are frustrated with the high or inaccurate shipping rates or the complete lack of options regarding shipping rates in their current location. What do you do to help them out? There is a need for proper business techniques to be used here, and many business owners have found the unique WordPress, Woocommerce shipping rate tool from Cheap Courier Comparison to be just what they needed to attract (and keep) their customers.

Depending upon what you do for a living, you may find that your business actually draws in more freight or courier based customers than customers who use the regular, non-descript shipping options available on the WordPress site. Therefore, it may be in the best interests of your company to have freight and courier options available to your entire customer base. After all, it is not a good idea to limit yourself when you could be making more money, bringing in more customers, and making your business more popular.

No longer will your store employees have to spend lots of time on the phone helping your customers pick the best shipping option for their needs or arguing with them about what the lowest shipping price really is. No longer will customers even have to talk to your employees about freight and courier shipping rates. They will have all of the information right there in front of them, thanks to the powerful and easy to use shipping module provided by Cheap Courier Comparison. We have relationships with UPS, FedEx, TOLL, AAE, TNT, Allied Express, and Hunter Express. We have the ability to give your customers lots of shipping options and highly accurate shipping rates. Speaking of accurate shipping rates…

Our shipping module displays real time shipping rates which are accurate and ready to use by your customer base. This way, no one is caught off guard by hidden fees or additional fees or something related to changes in shipping fees. Everything is current and up to date. That means that, when your customer makes a purchase in your online store, they will know what to expect, they can be assured of your business prowess, and your store employees will be able to quickly and easily send out their purchases. Call us today if you have any questions about our shipping module: 1300 748 510.