The X-cart shopping platform is perfect for many online stores. However, when it comes to making major buying decisions, using the option which the lowest shipping price is how many customers make their decision about which company to use. So, for that, you will need low, accurate shipping rates displayed during the buying process so that your customers know exactly what they will be getting when they check out from your X-cart ecommerce platform. That also means that it is in your best interests and in the best interests of your business to make shipping rates and information easily accessible, visible, and usable.

X-cart is one of many shopping cart platforms available for ecommerce websites. When you company takes off, it must generate enough revenue to stay afloat until it can pay for itself, as is often the case. However, once your business has been established, you can tweak little things here and there in your company and in the customer service experience of your patrons which bring back great rewards. Offering multiple, low-price, accurate freight and courier shipping rates on all of your store items is extremely important. This means that, during the checkout process, your business will be able to bring in more customers and bring back repeat customers.

Now, that’s an interesting factor. Many businesses make ninety percent of their income from less than ten percent of their customer base. It is the repeat business which is so important for your company. For example, if you owned an online stationary store, you might have some of your orders come from people who use it or buy it only once or twice. However, the majority of your income is likely to come from repeat customers who write letters or use their stationary in other ways on a regular basis.

These repeat customers have no desire to call up your business and negotiate over prices and shipping and getting everything just exactly right for their order. Even if all of their preferences have been saved in your computers, they are not likely to look back upon the experience with any kind of fondness or affinity. Rather, they should have multiple shipping rates, all competitive and all low priced, from multiple courier and freight companies, both locally and internationally. When the prices are accurate, they know they can trust the end price of their purchase, which always includes the shipping, of course.

To make all of this happen, you will need the handy shipping tool which calculated and provides accurate prices for multiple shipping companies. This tool is brought to you by Baggage Freight. In order to add freight shipping or courier shipping to your X-cart shopping cart, simply download it from this page, and then review the integration manual. Our shipping module integrates flawlessly with the X-cart shopping platform. All you have to do is download it, integrate it, and watch your customer base over the course of the next eight months. Repeat customers always like having plenty of options: 1300 748 510.